Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

New BBM Transparent 2015

BBM Transparent 2015, Transparent transparent look more cool and interesting. With the transparent theme, you will not besaturated again using BBM. Display a transparent FUEL Mod can adjust the color or image on the Android HomescreenMenu sure to follow according to the Background color on your smartphone.

The Update Features the latest version of BBM Transparent Mod 2.6:
* Options button Enter or Send in Settings (only
* Only the Enter Key (
* Digital Clock
* Analog Clock
* Dcsms Calendar
* Data Traffic
* Toggle Music
* Device Info
* Refresh/Reload Of FUEL
* Fix emoticons in chat and store fix

How To Use:

- Remove the old BBM on your mobile phone
- Download BBM app v below
- Then Install BBM Application v

Screenshoot BBM Mod Transparan theme :

For those wishing to Install BBM transparent you can Select one of the Download the latest version of BBMTransparent Mod 2.6:
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