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Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

New BBM Transparent 2015

BBM Transparent 2015, Transparent transparent look more cool and interesting. With the transparent theme, you will not besaturated again using BBM. Display a transparent FUEL Mod can adjust the color or image on the Android HomescreenMenu sure to follow according to the Background color on your smartphone.

The Update Features the latest version of BBM Transparent Mod 2.6:
* Options button Enter or Send in Settings (only
* Only the Enter Key (
* Digital Clock
* Analog Clock
* Dcsms Calendar
* Data Traffic
* Toggle Music
* Device Info
* Refresh/Reload Of FUEL
* Fix emoticons in chat and store fix

How To Use:

- Remove the old BBM on your mobile phone
- Download BBM app v below
- Then Install BBM Application v

Screenshoot BBM Mod Transparan theme :

For those wishing to Install BBM transparent you can Select one of the Download the latest version of BBMTransparent Mod 2.6:

Killer Hitman

Want to learn how to shoot accurately from a distance canyon? Then welcome to the famous master class Hitman: Kill Shot! The most realistic practice capitalism for goodfellas in large cities castaway.

Get the possibilities are endless murders outlaw capitalism. Unlimited choice of victims of goodfellas and a cool weapon in their hands - the real secret of productive training! Choose any or skyscraper canyon, so that it opened with a good view. Charge weapons, see the sights, and start shooting.

The most convenient in the management simulator sniper. You can switch to the general overview on the sighting. Choose the correct point of view and gain as much as possible victims castaway! PUSH on the screen to shoot.

In the game you will learn that the sniper does not have to constantly change position. Otherwise, you will detect the police and you instead of working sniper received a prison sentence. To prevent this, move around the game space, train fire. Download Now gorgeous game Hitman: Kill Shot!
- Practice shooting;
- Unlimited choice of victims;
- 5 levels of difficulty;
- Easy management of arms;
- Big game space;
- Realistic 3D graphics;
- No advertising;
- Free to play!

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